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Have you been working out without seeing results? Do you want accountability and coaching to finally help you reach your goals? Would you like to create healthy habits? 

Join the Fit Club's Online Personal Training, work hard and see real long-lasting results! I combine effective workouts, nutrition planning, behavior analysis, and motivation techniques to help jumpstart your health. Our programs provide accountability, education, training, and personal plans to help you reach your goals. 

We use phone calls, text messaging, emails, and Facebook to stay-in-touch. Your plans go with you and you workout where you are. We make fitness and nutrition fit into your life. ​

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When you are empowered, inspired, and educate yourself, this is when you can truly achieve all that you desire. 
Looking for a quick and effective plan? The 4-week custom exercise plan will help you reach your short-term fitness goals! 

You're ready to conquer a challenging but rewarding fitness goal! This exercise program will get you long-lasting results!

If you are located in the Frederick, Maryland area, I will come to you. Personalized training and custom plans!
Jules the Trainer
I am a Certified ACSM Personal Trainer, wellness advocate, nutrition student, and mom of one crazy-active little boy. Everyone has their personal wellness struggles and mine started in high school when I became anorexic and bulimic. The conditions continued through my 20's and even contributed to the inability to have children. Finally, after therapy and falling in love with myself and my now husband, I have been in recovery since 2014. 

I hold a B.S. in Exercise Science and am currently working towards becoming a Registered Dietitian. I have over ten years experience inspiring people of all levels to be healthier.  It's time to live your best life now and I'm here to get you fit and happy!
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"Jules taught me so much about myself and listened to my needs. She made sure she understood my challenges and my barriers. Her programs have helped me become a healthier person" - Jim

"Jules helped me lose the weight and keep it off. I met Jules nearly ten years ago when she first started training and I still use her as a resource." - Frank

"I participated in Jules Boot Camp and I have really enjoyed these workouts. I feel better than when we started and I have more routines to keep going." - Guen

"She was the first person who could get me off the sofa and start running. I ran my first half marathon because of her training. I know from experience that she knows what she is talking about and can help you reach your goals through diet and exercise." - John

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